loose_grip_99: NOW Verdun Lorraine France, 21st September 2019
loose_grip_99: Kaiserslautern Rheinland-Pfalz Germany 30th September 2000
memoryweaver: Summer Cream Tea.
memoryweaver: Post Lockdown Celebration.
Kingmoor Klickr: Southern Scene
Kingmoor Klickr: Discussion at Einbeck
ClydeHouse: Sleigh Driver - Seefeld
Kingmoor Klickr: Locked in Time
loose_grip_99: Kyaik Kathr Burma 14th January 2018
ClydeHouse: Bluebell Wood
Dub Hundley: Rimmer’s Shoes Southport - The Repair Shop
ClydeHouse: St. Pancras Lock
HDR Dave: Judge's Lodging - 2020 Leaflet
memoryweaver: Spring Blues
loose_grip_99: Sandaoling Xinjiang China 16th November 2014
memoryweaver: Shelter from the Storm.
loose_grip_99: Bagan Mandalay Burma 26th January 2020
memoryweaver: A Symphony of Snowdrops.
Kingmoor Klickr: The Long & Winding Road
memoryweaver: Gosh, it's a dark day, today, in the UK. Really longing for some sunshine. The snowdrops are barely out here, just a few to pick and brighten up the house.
memoryweaver: Through the Frosty Window
ClydeHouse: Nine Shillings
Kingmoor Klickr: Flying through the Fog
loose_grip_99: Duffield Derbyshire 29th July 2018
loose_grip_99: Great Central Railway Rothley Leicestershire 23th February 2013
loose_grip_99: Hebden Bridge West Yorkshire 11th October 2019
John McCuen Photography: Wicklow, Ireland 1972, Minolta (film)
HDR Dave: Time for a cuppa, copper ?
memoryweaver: Danger: Alchemist at Work