guyfogwill: Marwood Hill Garden, North Devon
screwdriver222: Dartmoor K1__5598.jpg UK, Devon, Exeter, Turf Lock Hotel1 UK, Devon, Exeter Cathedral, from North East UK, Devon, Exeter Cathedral, West front and Close
lazy south's travels: The Grand Western Canal
screwdriver222: Dartmoor K1__5933.jpg
screwdriver222: Dartmoor K1__5925.jpg
Julian Baird Photo: A Glorious Morning at Start Point
pike head: Life and Death. Topsham quay evening pint1 UK, Devon, Exeter, Topsham, sunset Uk, Devon, Topsham, River Exe, sunset2017
lazy south's travels: Exeter Bus Station
@davidflem: Winter break
Go placidly amidst the noise and haste...: The Track to Yellowmeade Farm.
Ron Layters: balanced granite UK, Devon, Exeter, Topsham, RiverCyst1 UK, Devon, Totnes, Mill Tail2 UK, Devon, Totnes, Friday Market1
guyfogwill: "Cresta" (FY16) Percy Mitchell (Mevagissey Tosher) gaff rigged pilot cutter
dphil036: On can’t get board on a Sunny evening
dphil036: Sidmouth Surfer
dphil036: What time does the boat come in ?
@davidflem: Steel Sales
john weiss: River Exe, Devon
photphobia: Cathedral Close, Exeter