zunehmen: “Joy and new hope...”
zunehmen: “Take a hike”
smoking 1: Sysiphus
smoking 1: The Sentinel
zunehmen: “What snowflakes really look like.”
zunehmen: Mkoijnbhu
zunehmen: Turmoil
zunehmen: View from the inside...
smoking 1: Ozymandias
smoking 1: Target: Finale
smoking 1: Target #14
zunehmen: qazsedcft
zunehmen: “Thematic Digital Mudpie # 3”
Carla Y. Brown: The eyes are the window of the soul.
zunehmen: Without words...
zunehmen: Digital painting
Carla Y. Brown: Oh say can you see
zunehmen: “before the dream...” digital painting with Autodesk Sketchbook
zunehmen: “Keep on Growing” digital painting made with Autodesk Sketchbook
Carla Y. Brown: Variation on a theme: Designer Blinds.
zunehmen: “A new beginning”
zunehmen: “She’s so respectable” a farewell to 2020 by way of Jagger and Richards.
zunehmen: “Anxiety”
Carla Y. Brown: One eye.
pict100: Mars Slice
zunehmen: abstract digital painting
zunehmen: digital painting
Carla Y. Brown: Sky, Fire, Land
mercurylaser2012: Searching for equilibrium!