Davey's Shots: Collared Dove Drinking from Bird Bath IMG_0682
jacquemart: Re-enactment, Battle of Tewkesbury
jacquemart: Re-enactment, Battle of Tewkesbury
NERI Photography: NMT at Masborough ( old station)
pantherinia_hd Anna A.: Take a look through my eyes....
ianharrywebb: IMG_0667
ianharrywebb: IMG_0666
Cosmic Star Fish: Well-next-the-Sea, Norfolk
hn.: Vines Autumn Leaves Boston ivy Garden Wall Stairs Steps Bavaria Germany © Parthenocissus tricuspidata Dreiblättrige Jungfernrebe Garten Mauer Hauswand Treppe Bayern Oberbayern ©
schubertj73: Baum Textur – abstrakt Kunst Fotografie.
schubertj73: Baum Textur – Schwarz Weiß abstrakt Kunst Fotografie
Davey's Shots: IMG_0670
mattw808: Bob & Mary
Shang-fu Dai: 合歡山●東峰~玉山杜鵑銀河~ Taiwan Alpine Rhododendron Milkyway
Phil Marion (187 million views - THANKS): View from Hang Mua - Ninh Binh, Vietnam
donmai651: All along the Watchtower
donmai651: At the rivers bend
eagle1effi: Sunset behind clouds
m01229: Beautiful mountain scenery along Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park Colorado
m01229: Beautiful quaking yellow aspen tree during autumn, taken in Rocky Mountain National Park
stanlupo (Thanks for 4,000,000 views): Pied-billeed Grebe3 4 4_13_21
rebfoto...: Rideau Canal Locks ... (c)rebfoto
spankythemonkey: Bellemont,Arizona