Vinnie Nguyen: Purple.
Swallowtail Garden Seeds: Gazania rigens Big Kiss Yellow Flame
coulportste: Bodnant Gardens
decajol: Monkey pitchers
masha mashoveici: Flower photgraphy /macro
jangurney: DSCN0221 - 2 in 1. Gerbera joined together
jangurney: DSCN0131 Summer has disappeared and we are now getting lots of rain and chilly days.
coulportste: Autumn Flower
decajol: Trio
jangurney: DSC05171 - Rose - Compassion
jangurney: DSC05254
Mac ind Óg: Red Hibiscus
Vinnie Nguyen: In the garden.
D.Eickhoff: Ipomoea imperati
Mac ind Óg: Multi-coloured
jangurney: DSC02589
jangurney: DSC04891 - Cacti flower
D.Eickhoff: Lipochaeta lobata subsp. lobata
jangurney: DSC04777 - Reinga Lily or Renga Renga Lily or NZ Rock Lily.
jangurney: DSC04712 Whangarei Rose Garden
green_lover (your COMMENTS are welcome!): the last Autumn flowers...
coulportste: Summer Flowers
jangurney: DSC04146 Pink clover
maya_dragonfly: IMG_20190620_081535
Spooky21: Gertrude Jekyll
jangurney: DSC03335
masha mashoveici: Flower photgraphy /crysanthemum
jangurney: PB010597
Vinnie Nguyen: Secret Garden.