Dausbert: Sonnenaufgang, Bagan, Myanmar
markshephard800: I see a wee hipster face in a circle ⭕️
CWhatPhotos: Durham and the river Wear.
AFS Messina -> www.a-f-s.it: A tutto vapore nel deposito di Messina (Foto del mese n. 129 – Gennaio 2021)
Fojo1: iPhone Photography - Gum Machine and Brass
MCampbellPhotoImages: Under The Vince Fishing Pier
Photopaul15: Train Stop with Storm Cloud in NYC
Photopaul15: Daily City Grind
apollonian: Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park
carlfieler: the sun
justk photography: Raven, keeper of secrets
darioferrini: Tapir’ approachting
giosuèbolis: Tuareg
julien.bach: bikers playground
Fiorenzo Delegà: Siamo un tutt'uno
jbrad1134: Reef at Sunset
bernard.boissonneault: Let there be light - Entre l'ombre et la lumière
UmOutroOlhar: O fio do tempo
FegiR: Hiking above Springenboden
Howard Somerville: Hahnenmoos Valley, Adelboden.
_Silvermoon: Hope to sunset
gio.cam: _GIO3209
http://www.ranopano.fr: Programmed - Archive
argante67: _DSC0762bb
patrick Thiaudiere, + 4,5 millions view: les arcs, St Lubin, Yevre le Chatel
philipwhitcombe: Reflections on thin ice, Humber Bay Park East, Toronto
h_wang_02: warble