spincast1123: Starting to show stress
spincast1123: Corn Beans and storage
spincast1123: Sprayer backhoe and tiles
Harleycy3: Steetley pier
spincast1123: Monarch and the Red
spincast1123: Day lily and the Admiral
Harleycy3: Staithes upstream
Harleycy3: Saltburn beach huts
spincast1123: Tracked
spincast1123: Amber grain
spincast1123: Over View
spincast1123: Corn rows and ponding
ken mccown: Down the Gallery
spincast1123: Strike a pose
spincast1123: Red Wing and Dragon
spincast1123: Here's lookin
spincast1123: Movers and Shakers
Harleycy3: Misty morning
spincast1123: Rollin
spincast1123: Work mode
Harleycy3: Westbay
spincast1123: Whites aplenty
spincast1123: Shagbark minis
spincast1123: Dead but still standing
spincast1123: Loud talkers
Fred Weyman: Stroud Preserve Sunset
Fred Weyman: Stone Fence at Brandywine State Park