Larfin_out_loud: On the Move
Alexandre D_: Ladybug
CWhatPhotos: Blackpool. . . Telephone Box's. . .
Christine Fusco: Green Heron or "Greenie"!
Tjflex2: Colossal Statue of Amenhotep IV
-KristinTaylor: Teddy (Golden Doodle Puppy)
JurassicParkCamera: Princeton Battlefield Colonnade
Phil Marion (173 million views - THANKS): Sunrise at the R.C. Harris Water Filtration Plant - Toronto
Phil Marion (173 million views - THANKS): Sunrise yoga - Lake Ontario - Woodbine Beach - Toronto
littlebiddle: Niagara Falls Panorama
-KristinTaylor: Floral Macro - Yellow
stochasticmotions: Take a look at my new lens
Tony Worrall: Dunce cap for the Council Town Planner
Tony Worrall: Preston sunset from the train station
iwagami.t: Tokyo.中央区晴海 晴海大橋東詰
[CamCam]: Mustard
Merrillie: Clear Skies and Rocky Coastal Sunrise
Tjflex2: Statue of Shepenwepet II
patrick555666751 THANKS FOR 6 000 000 VIEWS: Porto bolsa palace glass roof
jimsumo999: He's behind you !
sheesen: 20190817_142633
Daniel Porta: IMG_20190817_173453-01
alpenglowtravelers: Window Flowers by Nina
alpenglowtravelers: Wall of Frescos by Nina
alpenglowtravelers: Golden Altar by Nina
Glen Bledsoe: Hay For Sale II
Glen Bledsoe: School House Windows
afafa02: Vosges sunset 1
Ilcaripawi: Catching A Snowflake, Longwood Gardens - Kennett Square, PA - Summer 2019 DSC_3684-4