Lightcatcher66: IMG_1568
Lightcatcher66: IMG_1569
Lightcatcher66: IMG_1427
karma (Karen): Light & Bokeh - HMBT!
karma (Karen): Park School ~ the last Morning Glory bloom
Gudzwi: A beaming couple. Firmly connected.
~DGH~: Berry Drops
PJD-DigiPic: Rhus typhina, staghorn sumac,
Lightcatcher66: IMG_1396
Lightcatcher66: IMG_1426
Lightcatcher66: IMG_1560
karma (Karen): fence post with adornments
karma (Karen): looking a little ruffled
~DGH~: Golden
repete7: A little blurry on the edge...HBW
Frau Koriander: HBW 44/2019: leaf love
Lea Ruiz Donoso: Autumnal Impression
Lightcatcher66: IMG_4782
Lightcatcher66: IMG_4929
Lightcatcher66: IMG_4781
karma (Karen): Japanese Red Maple
Frau Koriander: HBW 42/2019: purple bokeh
hussi48: Garbmal Detail
hussi48: Dahlie
hussi48: Herbst
Regina Melo Photography: Shooting at the park