Moon Shine Photography: Stone Bridge built by the CCC Camps in The FDR State Park .......... 4-10-09
Fr Antunes: Stones
(NORA): Tanjung Bidara, Melaka
M De Vries: Golden Moments
*Kicki*: Snowy mountain
k erickson photos: Portugese Bend, palos Verdes
OreoLee: Carmel-2
ecker power: Mobile Tea Room
Just Katety: Glass Rocks
gdaymateowyagoin: 07DP039-038 - Uluru (60%)
gdaymateowyagoin: 07DP039-200 - Uluru (50%)
gdaymateowyagoin: 07DP039-195 - Uluru (50%)
gdaymateowyagoin: 07DP039-193 - Uluru (50%)
gdaymateowyagoin: 07DP039-046 - Uluru (60%)
sfabris: Grandi e piccoli
sfabris: Cava Dipinta
sfabris: Sguardi Pebbles, Isle of Vatersay
Brian 104: Glass and Stone Do Not a Prison Make
Brian 104: Moon and Stars
Brian 104: Pakenham
ambi1004: when the sun is setting
Gandalfo: Road to...
*Jules: the blue mesa
Just Katety: Passage in Mammoth Caves
blaahhi: Utö view