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etnaboris: Evidence of winter
etnaboris: She's A Rainbow
etnaboris: Winter is coming back
etnaboris: Greetings from the Bocca Nuova: ash emissions after sunset, 17 June 2011
etnaboris: The restless volcano in our backyard (Etna, 17 June 2011)
etnaboris: The quiet between two paroxysms
etnaboris: Etna greets a new day
etnaboris: Signs of life at Etna, 9 May 2011
Lety&Lily: Reflection
etnaboris: That changing black monster - "The Tremendous Pit" revisited once more, 12 April 2011
etnaboris: Third paroxysm at Etna in 2011
etnaboris: Etna on a warm Saturday evening - 9 April 2011
etnaboris: Etna's little red-hot secret - 8 April 2011
etnaboris: Etna in full splendor, 8 January 2011
etnaboris: Etna chugging away, 6 January 2011
etnaboris: ETNA ERUPTING, 3 JANUARY 2011
etnaboris: Snow's nearly gone again
Lety&Lily: IMG_2768
etnaboris: Etna, 21 March 2010
F. Simone Lo Castro: Forte mulino a vento
etnaboris: Volcano Watch
-Bandw-: Trecastagni (CT) - Eremo Sant'Emilia
-Bandw-: Fuma fuma Etna!!!
-Bandw-: Trecastagni (CT) - Chiesa Madre o di San Nicola
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