jagaticphotos: 1150076
jagaticphotos: Telemundo
rikioscamera: Leaning to the middle
Immane: roll104 frame10-111812
PatricksMercy: Valley Plaza Barbershop in the Valley of Los Angeles in 1959 monkey gets his hair cut for benefit circus show. Sears store in the background
PatricksMercy: California Highway Patrol Officer shows compassion to accident victim riding in school bus 1989 Los Angeles, CA
PatricksMercy: Girls on a Crown School Bus going on a field trip from Sacred Heart High School in Los Angeles, CA 1970
Jeff J Levy: Arriving Chinatown Station
PatricksMercy: Saint John Health Center Hospital Santa Monica, California
thomas.essi: Venice Beach
atenpo: I'm OK, You're OK
jagaticphotos: Police at Jersey Mike's Always at this location on Hollywood and Western every time I have gone in. Fortunately just for something to eat!
PatricksMercy: Sister Margaret Rose, CSJP teaching Religion, English and World History in 1964 at St. Genevieve High School in Panorama City area of Los Angeles, CA
Susan Liepa: Street Clock
Immane: Double bass in this concert of death
jagaticphotos: Parka in June
PatricksMercy: Sister Mara, OP principal of San Gabriel Mission High School girls division in 1970 serving the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.
eyetwist: sixth street bridge pano. los angeles, ca. 2005.
RobRovira: DSC_1594
Street Vision L.A.: Summer in Down Town Los Angeles is here
RobRovira: Lincoln Brewery
Jeff J Levy: Pouring an Agua Fresca
iandolphin24: Walt Disney Concert Hall
iandolphin24: Walt Disney Concert Hall
bhop: Spin
bhop: Real Life Sux
bhop: 'Merica