4154308k: KEN_1785 bw v1
PatricksMercy: Students posing by the schools square architecture design at St. Monica High School in 1968 Santa Monica, CA
Jeff J Levy: All Saints Church
Jeff J Levy: Throop Memorial Unitarian-Universalist Church #2
PatricksMercy: Saks Fifth Avenue Mens Store beautiful elegant white marble facade former home to I. Magnin & Co located on Wilshire Blvd across the street from the main Saks Beverly Hills Store.
rikioscamera: Last Stand
rikioscamera: Quarantined Sloths
Archie Tucker: 403-406-409-413repositionHxSEP
carlfieler: central authority
Jeff J Levy: Pasadena First Congregational Church
jagaticphotos: Bike cross
eyetwist: foggy pier. venice beach, ca. 2017.
quad1965: LONE SUNRAY
color.plantss: DSC_0320
Street Vision L.A.: Down Town Los Angeles street
quad1965: "OPEN"
eyetwist: breakwater. venice beach, ca. 2012.
color.plantss: Los Angeles
color.plantss: Downtown Los Angeles
rileyreiss2: •4x5
RobRovira: Ciclistas Urbanos
Archie Tucker: _MAY3442_HDRsep
PatricksMercy: Providence St. Joseph Hospital administrator Sister Genevieve, SP in 1957 Burbank, CA
ppolitanoff: Fading Tulips/Fading Beauty
Thomas Hawk: Car Wash
RobRovira: Catching Flight
ppolitanoff: Shadow Selfie
Archie Tucker: _MAY4481d800ACRplay
jagaticphotos: McDonald’s. LAPD