Spy-glass: Distortion is character. Everything we call character, is deviation from perfection. Perfection to me is characterlessness.
acarannate: thought
e³°°°: Tessa.
christophe cochez: _MG_9683-le28_04_2016_wat-phratahtchommon-maesariang-thailande-christophe-cochez-w
acarannate: LadyBoxe
e³°°°: Clarinda
AmerigoTot: SabinaDascalu8
Ira Lee: Bart Ines De Rata's
e³°°°: Charming Ch
benjaminschulz: Portrait
benjaminschulz: Portrait one flash
Ian Ghenesys: I'll take care of you III | © 2017 Ian Ghenesys
valentinaboccaccio: DSC_3879-1-2
christophe cochez: _MG_960828_04_2016_wat-phratahtchommon-maesariang-thailande-christophe-cochez-w
Benjamin Ballande: Elodie : Portrait : Black and White : Nocticron Leica 42,5 mm F1.2 : Bokeh : Olympus OMD EM5
Sascha Fiori: Ti porto con me
Benjamin Ballande: Elodie : Portrait : Nocticron Leica : 42,5 mm F1.2 : OMD EM5 Olympus Bokeh
Spy-glass: Kids are always pure
benjaminschulz: Portrait one flash hss
serkoh: Viki
Khun_K: Tatiana from a corner of Bangkok Train Station