claustral: Tropical Sunrise
sonofwalrus: Cairns
sonofwalrus: Cairns marina
Cisc Pics: Bedrock Tour Undarra
Dreaming of the Sea: Bundaberg East Water Tower
Sheba_Also 16 Million Views: Erosion of Red Cliffs of Scarborough-1=
Mikeymoo1988: Henry Ross Lookout, Cairns (Queensland)
Mikeymoo1988: Koala, Australia Zoo (Queensland)
Mikeymoo1988: Hartley's Cassowary Garden, Wangetti (Queensland)
Sheba_Also 16 Million Views: O' little Sister Brisbane Queen St Mall-5=
Paddock Without A Fence: Fishing boat - Moreton Bay, Queensland
Paddock Without A Fence: Humpback whale migration through Moreton Bay, Qld.
iain.davidson100: 7150 Twin Towers P1190079
iain.davidson100: 7149 Uniting Church doorway P1190089
iain.davidson100: 7148 The Petrie Tableau P1190077 in our back garden in grevillea
Cisc Pics: Krys the Savannah King
sonofwalrus: Mossman River rock towers
johnjennings995: DSC_7793 broad-leaved bottle tree (Brachychiton australis), Kennedy Highway, Forty Mile Scrub, Queensland
johnjennings995: DSC_7894 Mirriwinni Hotel, 66-68 Bruce Highway, Mirriwinni, Queensland
Sheba_Also 16 Million Views: Pelican fly past=
Dreaming of the Sea: East Water Tower,Bundaberg [cost 7,046 Pounds]
Mikeymoo1988: Crystalbrook Marina, Port Douglas (Queensland)
Mikeymoo1988: Gerrards Lookout, Balmoral Ridge (Queensland)
Mikeymoo1988: C-47 Skytrain, Kuranda (Queensland)