8pl: Vous avez dit lunettes? Vladivostok!
8pl: Outillé pour la réparation des lunettes! Vladivsotok!
8pl: instants de convivialité; Vladivostok!
8pl: уборевича 21, Vladivostok
8pl: уборевича 24, Vladivostok
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serj.shev: 2020-01-28_01-34-52
serj.shev: 2020-01-28_01-30-21
serj.shev: 2020-01-28_01-27-40
serj.shev: 2020-01-28_01-39-40
8pl: Eglise; panorama; Vladivostok!
8pl: Le pont depuis la colline! Vladivostok!
8pl: Panorama encadré; Vladivostok!
8pl: séchage? Vladivostok!
8pl: En voiture sur le pont :)
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serj.shev: Institute of Geology and nature management. The building was built in 1908 and was called shopping arcade "Mauritania". They sold bread and flour, but mostly meat and milk. In Soviet times, this building housed the river station, and then-Amur i
serj.shev: Triomphe. The original arch was erected by the architect I. I. Bukovetsky for the arrival in the city of the heir of Tsarevich Nicholas II on June 4-5, 1891, when he toured the far East, giving rise to the construction of the TRANS-Siberian railway in Vla
serj.shev: The entrance to the city of Tsiolkovsky. A new Russian cosmodrome is being built here.
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Cyprien Hauser: Russia, Khabarovsk - Lenin Square - October 2018
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serj.shev: Lightroom games
serj.shev: It rained last night. In the morning there was a collapse in the city... Skating is now possible anywhere ;)
serj.shev: Zeya bridge
serj.shev: Bridge over the Zeya River
serj.shev: Snow paw
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serj.shev: 2019-10-27_09-47-43
serj.shev: A snowy road ... It seems that the branches are about to break off.