kevin-64: last of the colours
photoriel: Autumnal lighting in Tuscany
tez-guitar: Reflections
tango-: Mont St Michel, Normandie, France, August 2019 749
Small and Beautiful: in awe . . .
Mira mella: Light and dark
Hossain Tushar Photography: PSX_20191031_015642
tango-: Mont St. Michel, Normandie, France, August 2019 668
Jeff Lack Wildlife&Nature: DSC3172 Sanderling...
Hossain Tushar Photography: PSX_20191031_015824
kevin-64: Paint art
kevin-64: Paint art
tango-: Dinan, Bretagne, France, August 2019 626
vw4y: Gemstones
markshephard800: Glasgow City Chambers
tez-guitar: Water and Sky
Small and Beautiful: glimmer of blue . . .
jhberger505: Marine Corps couple, Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC
dapal1677: Sittelle torchepot - Sitta europaea - Eurasian Nuthatch
Frans1983: Soulac-sur-Mer
kevin-64: moorhen
kevin-64: Goose
markshephard800: Slight green cloud reflections
tez-guitar: Big Birch
Sabrina Aspinall: Twin Falls
Small and Beautiful: Japanese barberries