Tania A.: Leslie Spit, Found on the Beach, Weathered Marble
Maurice P.: Enjoying a good day by the water
_Matt_T_: 297/365: Autumn storm on the lake
DannyAbe: Surf kicking
Maurice P.: Big city living is not for me
Maurice P.: A quiet day by the lake
LarryJH: Toronto under the full moon last night.
dunescape: Driftwood
dunescape: The Bluffs
rochpaul5: October Sky, Ontario Waters
_Matt_T_: The swelling lake
_Matt_T_: 288/365: Algoma Sault
rochpaul5: Sunset Surf
Nick and Karen Munroe: SEPTEMBER 2021 _8681_NGM_1305-1-222
Doug McGr: The Grace of a Swan
Doug McGr: Grey Fall day at Picton Harbour
Nick and Karen Munroe: SEPTEMBER 2021 _8729_NGM_1353-1-222
dunescape: Thanksgiving Beach
dunescape: Early Morning on the Beach
Nick and Karen Munroe: SEPTEMBER 2021 _8732_NGM_1356-1-222
Tania A.: Leslie Spit, Sun Setting Across the Lake
jwvraets: Blue Hour Fishing, Burlington Bay Canal
Paul B Jones: Wilding Apple Tree | Prince Edward County
Doug McGr: Rowing in Toronto
Doug McGr: Birds flocking across the Marsh
Doug McGr: Focus Stacking Landscapes
Ben Tuinman: Enjoying the sun
Ben Tuinman: A walk on the Pier
Doug McGr: Autumnal Moon Rise over the Creek