johnsastrophotos: El Malpias
Quistian: UPS lunar flyby
hirocun: Sagittarius with Sigma 105mmF1.4 August 2019
hirocun: Sagittarius with Sigma 105mmF1.4 August 2019 Dark Version
yusuf_alioglu: The Journey
grg.slater: Gamma Cygni Nebula
TreeRose Photography: Sunrise and Moonset (vertical)
bino_george: IC 5070 (Ha)
inefekt69: Milky Way at Yenyening Lakes, Western Australia
Ethan.WYH: NGC2264 in Hydrogen Alpha
TreeRose Photography: "Sunrise Moonset"
Joseph Brimacombe: Probable Supernova ASASSN-19abg or Brutus 8803-5 or AT2019uxv or TNS ID 48266 in IC 4850 or PGC 63631 Narrowfield C - Nov 16, 2019
astroval1: Milky Way Casting Shadows - Chile Astrophotography
Chuck Manges: NGC7023 Iris Nebula
David W. Bishop: AT2019udc_NGC718
David W. Bishop: at2019trp-6x120s-20191110-1812m171
David W. Bishop: at2019ugu-6x120s-20191110-1753-m177
kevin-palmer: Last Night in Alaska
kevin-palmer: Frozen Chena Lake
kevin-palmer: Chena Birches Aurora
alxtrnk: Messier 42. Orion Nebula. Reprocessed with Pixinsight
Radical Retinoscopy: Video of the Mercury Transit of November 11 2019
makropode: NGC 2245 57x240s ASI294 6Z_850mm
ppgarcia72: Windmill on the night
Simón Fernández B: Selene 💖
David.Hsu: NGC253
Nklphotograpie: Notre Dame d'Orient
Gianluca Belgrado Astronomy: Transito di Mercurio
ReppiX: Mercury Transit 2019 Captured from NASA's SDO
Jeff Rowton: Mercury Transit Composite 2019-11-11