the.haggishunter: Mum Muppet caring for her three week old baby.
the.haggishunter: Three weeks old with one foot in the grit dish.
the.haggishunter: Why are they pointing that camera at us ?
the.haggishunter: Ten days old.
AixpoPhotos: Pigeon Biset
the.haggishunter: One week old.
the.haggishunter: contentment.
hedera.baltica: Wood pigeon
bazazga: Columba palumbus / common wood pigeon
Frans.Sellies: Portrait of a Nicobar pigeon (Caloenas nicobarica)
hedera.baltica: Wood pigeon
Frans.Sellies: Common wood pigeon (Columba palumbus)
the.haggishunter: Pigeon portrait
AixpoPhotos: Pigeon Ramier
hedera.baltica: Missing a leg
hedera.baltica: Wood pigeon
hedera.baltica: Collared dove
hedera.baltica: Wood pigeon
_ _steven.kemp_ _: Barcelona MNAC
Matteo Allochis: Living on the edge
dmviews: "Réveille-matin !"
milorathe: Pigeons love
Matteo Allochis: Air crash
hedera.baltica: Mostly white
Matteo Allochis: Hitchcock Hour
hedera.baltica: Wood pigeon