zwitscherbirdie: Zug um Zug 2/2
denismartin: Hotel Belvedere
Book'em: A New Day is Coming!
Karen McQuilkin: String ~Macro Mondays
Menny Borovski: Days of pandemic_X_3586
Enista (thx for comments): I've got the blues for you
Monceau: Bright blue bicycle wheel
davidsbingham: Chicago City Skyline
Howie K: blue beast
msdonnalee: dc diagonal
No Great Hurry: Simple Abstract 70
soniaadammurray - On & Off: Finding the Colour Blue IMG_1140
Bruce & Lynda Symington: Thunder Bay Harbour 2020
EOS1DsIII: Gläser
2n2907: Abstract Composite
culinarytracker: Blue Toolbox
sue wood1: 148A7522es
matinaluz: 2019.01.24
margo2x: Diamonds in the Blue
stopdead2012: Blue (+ Purple) Monday
EOS1DsIII: metallic wall
vali....: snowlines
SunRayDancingBear SinPapelles: P8165648...Des Engel's Startrampe...
muffett68 ☺ heidi ☺: string from the edge of a mandarin orange segment
Jim Hoover Photography: Artsy processing of the lighthouse on Lake Erie @ Ashtabula, Ohio