Echeveria62: Sharp points of agave!
Yvonne kluin: Barbed wire
vavan: Bluebreaker
2n2907: Picasso-esque Faces
al-ien: sign of the times...push to start
Take Two: Blues on the water
muffett68 ☺ heidi ☺: a bluetini at almost 5pm
Robert Saucier: Framed Landscape
Rococo57: casting long shadows
apergisjana: Blue Wave
emka154: IMGP1018 - The tower and the ducks
Rock Water: Nature Will Win
ghoermann: kiel_P5112262
ghoermann: kiel_P6292573
Bruce & Lynda Symington: 20186988 (3) Moose Hunters - Black Bay Peninsula - Fly In
Bruce & Lynda Symington: 20187001 (3) Moose Hunters - Black Bay Peninsula - Fly In
IN2UT: Window of rust belt abandoned factory
Rainer ❏: RAIN0399.jpg
Howie K: front end
Récard: Reflections 13
norahlfy: Monday blues
unicorn7unicorn: В дальние страны