paral_lax <°)><: Love...
octopuzz: wooden sculpture
Jassy-50: photo - Oven, E. Ceralli Forno Casareccio
Fiorenzo Delegà: Punto Rosso
balavenise: Andorra, collada de Muntaner
txmx 2: -
octopuzz: the clouds are looking like an animal
The Shy Photographer (Timido): Do you want me to break the paradigm?
Ian Press Photography: Demolition site, Mistley Quays
Ian Press Photography: Demolition site, Mistley Quays
monokhromov: wallcat & groundcrow
maddpete: Sherwood Face
peterkaroblis: Gran Canaria - face
mkorsakov: Found Container Elephant Face
mkorsakov: Red Barrier Rorschach
Moon Rhythm: what are words for?
MF1109: Ooohhh
jinkoll: [ E chi vuole campare cent'anni? - Who wants to live one hundred years? ] DSC_1651.R2.jinkoll
mkorsakov: Found Ramp Face
La caverne aux trésors: De strass et de colère
mkorsakov: Found Wall Face
mkorsakov: Made Roller Blind Face
mkorsakov: Found Warning Sticker Face
mkorsakov: Found Bucket Face
mkorsakov: Found Cellar Face
mkorsakov: Found RE 7 Face
txmx 2: -