dweible1109: Sea Isle City Sunrise
John Hewitt 7: Snow in the Morning
John Hewitt 7: A Cold Paw
John Hewitt 7: Dusty Bemused
John Hewitt 7: Dusty sees snow for the very first time.
J.L. Ramsaur Photography: Patriotic Barn - Marshall County, Tennessee
Studio d'Xavier: God Save the Queen
Studio d'Xavier: The Conflict of Authoritative Recommendations
Studio d'Xavier: The Baptismal at The Minor Basilica of Immaculate Conception
the foreign photographer - ฝรั่งถ่: children who live close to each other
Chrissie2003: Cascading Orchids
stevericketts: Juvenile Male Ruby-throated Hummingbird
Alexis Martín Fotos: La mamá pata
M McBey: Family car - Renault 16
M McBey: The San Andreas Fault
My Art & Photography: M. Sumon (329)
Disabled amateur ph'r from Leeds.: Busker on Briggate - Leeds.
Moutton: DSC_5504.jpg
Nick and Karen Munroe: MARCH 2019 NGM_0608_7214-2-222
_John Hikins: Sunrise at Bournemouth Beach (Phone Pic)
newspaper_guy Mike Orazzi: Cassie_3961 - Version 2
newspaper_guy Mike Orazzi: Gina_200623_5285 - Version 2
Disabled amateur ph'r from Leeds.: Fender Stratocaster saddles.