cariocando (Rogerio Granato): janelas /// windows
CodeHole: He / She Picnic by River
dannyhennesy: Egyptian Pyramids spreading Psychedelic Aztek Energies (abstract art)
nomm de photo: Artful Apparatus
dannyhennesy: Mechanoid Droid-bot with wig swishes through a surreal Pr-Landscape (abstract art)
nomm de photo: Cacophony
dannyhennesy: Drifting and Levitation and gravity Mutual Interaction Between shapes and Abstract Bodies (artwork)
dannyhennesy: Psychedelic Surreal Spawn Squirting reproduction Machine makes Hive (abstract art)
sculptorli: ¿¿¿?¿??
CodeHole: Feelings, Colored by Memories
dannyhennesy: Neon Pyramids of Vegas and six-pack record Floating abstract world (art image)
dannyhennesy: Plague Infested Female Warrior and Zeitgeist ghost and Spirits from the past
CodeHole: Spacetime Decay Due to Black Holes And Dark Matter
dannyhennesy: Spiny Patient Predator Disguised as Stationary alien waiting for Pray to consume (abstract artwork)IMG_0020
Sati Tamall: “Aspiration” watercolor 22x26 cm
dannyhennesy: Lingering Neon strings Meandering through the eddies of Space-Time (abstract art)
nomm de photo: Spontaneous Combustion
dannyhennesy: inter-species fornication between two unknown lifeforms in the Crab Nebula (abstract art)
CodeHole: Circular Arguments
dannyhennesy: Tiny Japanese Manga Anthro. Tardigrades in a Rainbow Universe
dannyhennesy: Abstract Art: Locked up In a Biological Dark Damp prison on Betelgeuse Fungary Cruiser
dannyhennesy: "And Now a Sublime message from our sponsors hidden behind Psychedelic Patterns" Abstract Art
dannyhennesy: The Camera Jinxed and glitched and created a Neon artwork