S_Peter: Narvikfjellet Sunset
S_Peter: Northern Lights over Frostisen
O.Sjomann: Fog in the mountain
S_Peter: B&W Symetry
S_Peter: B&W Symetry
O.Sjomann: Sunset and fog
O.Sjomann: Fog in the fjord
O.Sjomann: Lines with humidity
S_Peter: Mountain Biker, Narvikfjellet
O.Sjomann: Natural lines
igorkostinfoto: New snow today!
Robin Lund: Hamsunsenteret
Robin Lund: Hamsunsenteret
Robin Lund: Hamarøy kirke
Robin Lund: Hamarøy kirke
O.Sjomann: Behind, behind....
O.Sjomann: Alone in a world of concrete....
igorkostinfoto: My neighbors
igorkostinfoto: Dramatic
igorkostinfoto: Weekend!
O.Sjomann: Sunset at Børvasstindene
O.Sjomann: Sun and moon at each side of the mountain
O.Sjomann: Waiting.....
O.Sjomann: Listen to meeeeee
O.Sjomann: Just parked at Seabird Airport
O.Sjomann: This is my birdy world....
igorkostinfoto: Evening in fjords
igorkostinfoto: My Norway
Rudi Verspoor: Moving clouds