roger901: Blind date
roger901: Visiting Day
Crowe6891: Myers-0740
stephsheehy: Huangshan mountains
Aloneunderholder: The Tunnel of Horror
Jimmy Tyler: William Stout - Dylan in Australia #65 1993
stephsheehy: A promise you made
leo.roos: The Anatomy Lesson
Mark Dookie Doo: The Cappuccini Catacombs at The Cappuccini Monastery in Palermo, Sicily.
oliver88_: Thug stealing Santa's sack
Crowe6891: DeathDealer-0410
La Chachalaca Fotografía: Doorknob | Pomo | Poignée
Crowe6891: DeathDealer-0403
stephsheehy: Huangshan mountains
adbrucephotos: Take A Look in the Mirror
Rand0mmehere: Reaching for the stars
Mark Dookie Doo: The Church of Santa Maria delle Anime del Purgatorio ad Arco in Naples, Italy.
stephsheehy: The Legends of Huangshan
Mark Dookie Doo: Skeletal remains in Herculaneum, Italy.
fusrodahdude: Permanent Fixture
Rand0mmehere: Blue stars
Jimmy Tyler: Denver
Mark Dookie Doo: The floor of Il Museo del Tesoro di San Gennaro in Naples, Italy.
Mark Dookie Doo: The Fontanelle Cemetery in Naples, Italy.
roger901: nice doggy