jumunga2012: De excursión
agarom55: 2019-12-07_12-27-51
Jochem van de Weg: How's the weather, cap?
agarom55: 2019-11-30_11-05-14
agarom55: 2019-12-04_06-41-04
Cat Man!: Hotel Abstract
agarom55: Bus station
cienne45: The puddle of Camogli
Liamfm .: Lunch-break at Santa Monica
Mike-Lee: Bò Ghàidhealach
candicew611: Festive pony
Nathan_Arrington: Prospect Park
Mike-Lee: Sunset, Navi & me!
agarom55: Siena.
a2roland: Vanilla Sky
agarom55: Siena. Piazza del Campo.
agarom55: Siena. Toscana.
agarom55: 2019-11-22_06-04-32
Liamfm .: little stream
agarom55: 2019-11-21_04-47-27
Mike-Lee: 'Berry' nice!
a2roland: The Death Stare!
Mike-Lee: Ladybower. Popped out for an after tea walk..
a2roland: Tiger portraiture.
candicew611: No more kisses
cienne45: Roma - 17