Christoff1019: “What do we want? Independence! When do we want it? Now!”
Christoff1019: Lovely old ‘Belstaff’ with badges.
Christoff1019: Dodge it again!
Christoff1019: Stain glass panel - St Cuthbert - Bamburgh
Christoff1019: Rusty jug, with cobweb!
Christoff1019: Jim Clark in the background watching over his car!
Christoff1019: Jim Clark Motorsport Museum - F1 Rear Right
Christoff1019: Lotus F1 - Driver Jim Clark
Christoff1019: Stained glass - St Cuthbert’s Church, Bamburgh.
Christoff1019: Colours - a cafe in Bamburgh, UK.
kaalam: La volonté
Christoff1019: Thames - small 40’s/ 50’s delivery lorry
Christoff1019: Bridge of the Urania
Christoff1019: RIAT 2019 - Distortion
Christoff1019: Indian Roadmaster 111
Christoff1019: Novo Spero - Buckie Harbour, NE Scotland.
Christoff1019: UH-1 HUEY
Christoff1019: RIAT 2019 - Battle Of Britain Memorial Flight - Lancaster
Christoff1019: MV Lord of the Isles - ‘About to Leave’
Christoff1019: Gritty DB5 bonnet
Christoff1019: Aston Martin DB5
Christoff1019: Harley ‘D’
Christoff1019: Berwick Bulldogs Scooter Club
Christoff1019: Indian leather
Christoff1019: MUTT Motorcycle
Christoff1019: RIAT 2019 - Venom!
Christoff1019: Indian Motor Cycle III
Christoff1019: Indian Motor Cycle II
Christoff1019: Indian Motor Cycle I
Christoff1019: The camera never lies.