Slimdandy: Getty Museum2, Los Angeles, Ca.
MPnormaleye: Soaring With Chuck Klosterman
Slimdandy: ART , Carpinteria, Ca
Ross Belot: Kildeer Wading In The Trinity River
Seldon,: Ringside Seats
Steffe: The Naiads Cave
bobberre: Birds
*CA*: The Hunter
Thiophene_Guy: Dashing through the pigeons (2 of 2)
jody9: doorknob and cobwebs
*CA*: An Amtrak train passes my little camp
-masru-: Seligenstadt, August 2019
bobberre: Traces
iandolphin24: Woldgate
albicocca1: LOVE in AUSTRIA
Roger-11-Narbonne: Suisse, le barrage sur les hauteurs de Siviez (Super-Nendaz)
Roger-11-Narbonne: Suisse, un petit lac d'altitude de fonte des neiges
albicocca1: kleines teuferl (little devil)
unlearn_art: five tomatoes
leo447i: DSCN8127
Josh Thompson: For these trees
MPnormaleye: Ka-Boom
Super G: it's too hot to stay home
Computer Science Geek: Project 365 (2019) | 24 August
MPnormaleye: Scope And Scale
albicocca1: Waiting