A CASUAL PHOTGRAPHER: Border guard between Turkey & Greece, 1971
Robert Michael Johnson: By Robert M Johnson
edk7: Computer magnetic drum memory, <100kb capacity, ~50kg weight, 1960s or early 1970s
jc_snapper: UOR324T City of Portsmouth 324 King's Road
jc_snapper: London Transport 1960 stock Woodford
jc_snapper: British Rail 3VEC+4TIS electric units 032+042 Ryde
Maboeuf, un flaneur: Spaceship of Fools: Welcome to the Seventies - I recommend enlarging this.
49er Badger: Los Alamitos High
wavz13: Ginger, our neighbor's dog. She loved being with people and spent a lot of time in our yard. In this photo, her eyes are closed in doggie bliss while being petted by a friend. July 1974. Milford Connecticut
John Woolley Photos: 08754_1976_3_Eastfield_A3_600dpi
jc_snapper: Units at Selhurst Depot 1977
jc_snapper: British Rail 4SUB unit 4380 Selhurst Depot
jc_snapper: British Rail 4SUB electric unit 4710 West Croydon
homeboy63: Heidi-SusanBeach78a
Kevin Charles Brown: melissa's pics 014
wavz13: Before all the townhouses, condos and the leveling of Platt's Hill in the background to build houses, this is what my street looked like in the early evening. Dad's 1965 Pontiac is parked. Rock Street. Milford, Connecticut. Aug 1973
jc_snapper: British Rail Waterloo & City car S58 Selhurst Depot
jc_snapper: British Rail Class 73 electro-diesel loco Selhurst
jc_snapper: British Rail 4EPB electric unit 5021 West Croydon
John Woolley Photos: 87026_1978_05_Nuneaton_A3_600dpi
jc_snapper: LYR584 London Transport RT3365 Crofton Park
jc_snapper: ERV254D CPPTD (Portsmouth) 7 Portsmouth Hbr
jc_snapper: HDL412N Southern Vectis 836 Newport (IoW)
jc_snapper: NCD563M Southdown 563 Brighton
jc_snapper: PRN75K National Travel North West 75 London Victoria
jc_snapper: KHC816K Eastbourne Corporation 16 Seaside
PatricksMercy: Students beautiful art paintings in art class in 1969 Central Catholic High School in Troy, NY
PatricksMercy: Students stopping for a soda and snack after school in 1969 Central Catholic High School in Troy, NY