John O Dyer: Dogs In the Forest
inna.disangro: Happiness lesson from my doggy 💖#chihuahua #love
inna.disangro: When my dog takes herself a selfie 😄#Chihuahua
SpookieTheSpy: Dogs Hate Trump
jtf photography: Life is good
SpookieTheSpy: Barkley
trigger1977: Millie
trigger1977: Burton
deltrems: Grasmere
Artybee: sunny at the seaside
deltrems: Grasmere with Bailey
deltrems: Grasmere with Bailey
Geert Van Keymolen: 20181102_132754 s9
mollyandstitch: True friendship is like home
Vinny Gragg: Walk Time
sandmegsalli: My Dog Meg again. Taken with mobile.
sandmegsalli: Scrooby. Taken with my mobile.
Artybee: Sunny
frankwinkler1969 - busy: RIP - 11.11.2000 - 27.05.2019
deltrems: Bailey and Reuben
deltrems: Amber
Jen Buckle: Sheldon
Jen Buckle: Arthur
Shaun Mint: Kyra at 8 weeks old.
PANDOOZY PHOTOS: Golden Retriever-Canis lupus familiaris.