David JP64: A tree at Irton...
:) Solange: Hourglass
Neil. Moralee: When you need a spot of lunch.
Rodolfo Ribas: Frost Museum
a.fetting: Kreuzgang
bodsi: IMG_0263.jpg
Neil Cornwall: The Waterworks
a.fetting: Mirror with 20.000 Pills
SWJuk: SJ2_3079 - Rowley Lake
Akkigraphy: Kingfisher
hamham_bacon: evening in the park_0091
greyhound rick: 5647 Erica at sunset
SWJuk: SJ2_3109 - Oak
SWJuk: SJ2_1979 - The churchyard of St. Mary's, Whitby
Yasu Torigoe: View of the landscape along the Altafjord, near Alta, Norway-32a
diwan: Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
gks18: Hot Shop Roofline, Tacoma, WA
a.fetting: Light Falling into a Window
JuanJ: Fall
Johnny Photofucker: São Gabriel da Cachoeira-AM
eskayfoto: Ordinary World - 83/100x
Antoni.Vallejo: Time Lapse Atardecer
MDJL Landscapes: Derwent Dam Autumn
pct4nic: Reflection (and refraction?) - for MacroMondays Reflection
M. M. L.: Catedral de Burgos