Nemedi Sandor: Infrared: Red Palace [explored]
Glen Bledsoe: Silver Falls 011
Al Perrette: Sandy Ridge Baptist Church - 1866
Al Perrette: Bamboo Jungle
Al Perrette: The Water's Edge
D J England: down the tracks
D J England: downstream
D J England: limestone arch
Michael J Breen: Wrights Water Gardens
peterkaroblis: Wörlitzer Park
PhotosByGLP: Inyo County Court House
peterkaroblis: Wörlitzer Park - Sommerlaube - arbour
Glen Bledsoe: Silver Falls_011
gporada: Infrared - Neckar River
Glen Bledsoe: Grand Ultimate Baskett Slough IR Pano II (The other side of the road)
DHeath09: Cemetery in Infrared
DHeath09: Collin County Courthouse
Glen Bledsoe: Silver Falls 006 - A Fork in the Path Marked by an Odd Stump
Pak T: 052612-14.09.57
graemes83: Canal
Glen Bledsoe: Leafless Trees and Winter Brambles
DHeath09: The Darkness Beneath
slingblade_2004: 720nm IR Conversion
peterkaroblis: Wörlitzer Park - Südseepavillon
Glen Bledsoe: Very Low Clouds
peterkaroblis: Wörlitzer Park - Schloss
Pak T: 071011-17.45.56
800 ASA: Sexy Beast
stenopeic: red marple and ginkgo biloba leaves
peterkaroblis: Wörlitzer Park - Friederikenbrücke