nuwaus: White glamour
nuwaus: Somewhere sun is shining and flowers are blooming...
nuwaus: Buds
nuwaus: Less is more
nuwaus: Perfect timing
dugwin2: Pair of Red-wattled Lapwings or Plovers, Bundala National Park, Sri Lanka.
dugwin2: Ashy Wood-swallow, Sri Lanka.
dugwin2: Black-hooded Oriole, Sri Lanka.
dugwin2: Mountain Hawk Eagle Sri Lanka
dugwin2: Miniature mountains; erosion on a small scale.
dugwin2: Sand pillars with pebble caps protecting them from the rain.
dugwin2: Oriental Darter or Anhinga, Sri Lanka
dugwin2: Oriental Darter, also called "Snake Bird"; Sri Lanka.
dugwin2: Pitchers of carnivorous plant, Sinharaja Forest, Sri Lanka.
dugwin2: Carnivorous Pitcher Plant in Sinharaja Forest, Sri Lanka.
nuwaus: Houses by the lake
nuwaus: Paddy field
damen.pearce: Sri Lanka
nuwaus: White beauty
nuwaus: Old colonial buildings
dugwin2: Ruddy-breasted Crake, Yala National Park, Sri Lanka.
dugwin2: Male Kangaroo Lizard Sri Lanka
dugwin2: Female Kangaroo Lizard hiding behind stem
dugwin2: Male Kangaroo Lizard, in leaf litter
dugwin2: Water Monitor hunting Snipe
dugwin2: Land Monitor Lizard
dugwin2: Crocodile crushes Python
dugwin2: Crocodile crunches Python
dugwin2: Mature Male Wild Boar
dugwin2: Young Wild Boar; Yala National Park, Sri Lanka.