rickwil64: Hidden By The Trees
rickwil64: Porch Is A Little Rough
rickwil64: State Of Deterioration
rickwil64: Still Has A Roof
rickwil64: False Front
Flint Roads: Weber House
rickwil64: Another See Through Roof
Chris Lakoduk: Broken Economy
mmmerlino: Wrecked Past
mmmerlino: Defrost
rickwil64: Two Out Of Three...
rickwil64: Just A Little Lean To The Left
rickwil64: Lots of Windows
yinlaihuff: Fort Worden stairs
yinlaihuff: A ray of light on an iron door
rickwil64: Missing Some Pieces
rickwil64: Sitting On A Hill
rickwil64: One Hanging Door
rickwil64: Windmill On The Roof
JMEseattle: Rural Magic
JMEseattle: Old Friend. Re-edit
rickwil64: Nobody Home
rickwil64: Giants In The Distance
rickwil64: Lots of Add-Ons
rickwil64: Harvesting The Weeds
rickwil64: Cupola Still Looks Good_2
jim.choate59: Isolated Abandoned School 9823 A
rickwil64: They Left The Easy Chair Behind
rickwil64: No Broken Windows