the dew on me: Tales of love : sand & sea
Massimo Usai Photography: shadows that do not open doubts in your mind
Angel Petrilli: De archivo
marco/restano: Schliemann's Troy - Turkey, Sept. 2019
Kti.Marquant: Rouge d'automne....
Thierry Peschard: Marseille
Changer * Make an instant for the eternal: blue rock thrush . 藍 磯 鶇 . 1174
dmitryzhkov: 3_DSC6800
dmitryzhkov: 2a7_DSC1974
dmitryzhkov: dra150318_0429
umeshkb2006: _DSC8983
Norbert Kaiser: fairytale forest
[CamCam]: Malaigned
Javi Cadiz: Tulip
Dawn Portree: autumn poem
planephotoman: Swaja's Shoes (?)
Jaime Recabal: Shadows and steps
davyvanloon Photography: Saarburg - Eagle
edward.olley1: 5 Leaves
habanera19: Lights among white roses.Luces entra rosas blancas.
Robert G Henderson (Romari).: Steam pipes. (IMG_3394)
Marie du 35.: Reflets sur l'étang.
MGW_Photography: Toyota Celica Mk I