honker100: "BAXENDEN KESTREL", on a rare sunny afternoon a male Kestrel perches reasonably close to my back garden.
lesstow1957@btinternet.com: Seagull in flight
peterg2756: Red Squirrel from Scottish Borders.
JasonMc1989: Rosy bonnets (Mycena rosea)
Gordon Kelsey: 2020-10-24_09-26-40
Tony Howsham: Thirsty Mouse
JasonMc1989: Amethyst deceivers (Laccaria amethystina)
ShafMegji005: Herons Above!
gcampbellphoto: Grey Heron (Ardea cinerea)
Glenn Beasley: 4B9A7116 Small Skipper FNGY 190803 copy
haslerbryan: Buzzard
Scotchjohnnie: IMG_0017 Red Squirrel
Scotchjohnnie: IMG_0014 Red Squirrel
Scotchjohnnie: IMG_0011 Red Squirrel
Natureworldadventures.: Mother and daughter
Natureworldadventures.: The Golden Monkeys
haslerbryan: muntjac.tif
kevinmayhew62: Hobby_82A0922
kevinmayhew62: Kingfisher_82A4140
keps.kepler: Meadow Pipit mealtime
duncancooke.happydayz: B57I1835-Red-Admiral,-Vanessa-atalanta
keps.kepler: Balancing act- coal tit, Irish sub-species Periparus ater Hibernicus
olwynam1: Accidentally left the tub of Monkey nuts on the bench!
olwynam1: Red Deer on the run!
geo.90: Autumn
geo.90: Wren
olwynam1: Red Deer Stag soaking up the sun.
Aves Lux: On the wing
ferna.mf: Loica