3.0s: Via Nazario Sauro Naples
3.0s: Chimney of former bakery Sorrento
Rol247*: Tudela
sangiopanza2000: Piazzetta Palladio.
Coquine!: One World
3.0s: Castle Campbell near Dollar
3.0s: Castle Campbell near Dollar
3.0s: Honeysuckle Cottage at Bangour
3.0s: Hartwood nurses home
Coquine!: New Drama
Coquine!: Storm Over Hamilton
Istvan: Neolog Synagogue Pécs, Hungary
Coquine!: Above Victoria Street
3.0s: Linlithgow Palace fountain
3.0s: St. Michael's Parish Church Linlithgow
peet-astn: sunrise and a slender tree
3.0s: Abandoned factory
3.0s: Corso Italia Sorrento
3.0s: Slains Castle
3.0s: Cairnpapple Visitor Centre
3.0s: Cape Town sunset on Green Point Stadium
3.0s: Marina Grande Sorrento
3.0s: Ugadale Hotel Machrihanish
3.0s: V&A Waterfront Cape Town
3.0s: S.Agnello Sorrento
Harry Halibut: let me in!
leo.roos: Eneco heating plant (sunny)
leo.roos: Sun-kissed greenhouse on a dark and rainy day
leo.roos: Sunny side
sangiopanza2000: Il fossato del castello di Mondavio.