Rocky Pix: Holy Cross
-J.R.-: Ascenseur Infernal
-J.R.-: Charbon Express
smallcurio: Mining Coal by Compressed Air, Pittsburgh, Pa. - 8062
smallcurio: An Electric Locomotive Hauling Cars of Anthracite Coal, Pennsylvania -- D-9
smallcurio: Hazleton, Pa. Hazle Mines Breaker (Pub. by City Book Store)
tarboat: Home from the tip
ClydeHouse: The End Of An Era
Coalminer5: White Oak Smokeless Coal, W.R. Buchanan
bigbrobbboi: Broken Hill NSW - John H. Luxton Photography: L2020_3689 - Electric Winder - Geevor Mine - Pendeen
worthrobomax: Quick Coupler For Excavator
folles2cv: Angel's hair I
folles2cv: Angel's hair II
Coalminer5: Arch Coal Hat Pins
Coalminer5: Peabody Coal Company, Simco Surface Mine, patch
Jelan Jovic: Majdanpek and copper mine
Graceful Decay: Coal Tracks - John H. Luxton Photography: L2020_3898 - Wheal Anna Maria Arsenic Works - Devon Great Consols
MTB1975: Magpie Mine. Derbyshire. September 2020 2
Coalminer5: Joy004 3 7/8" x 2 1/2" - John H. Luxton Photography: L2020_3844 - Cornish Hard Rock Miners' Memorial - Geevor Mine
stefaan.decuypere: Bergwerk Normag_014 - John H. Luxton Photography: L2020_3650-2 - Birch Tor and Vitifer Tin Mine - Cartmoor
joeqc: Litigation Hill View
worthrobomax: Jcb teeth
Coalminer5: Old Ben Coal Company Patch
Coalminer5: Jeffrey 1036, Continuous Miner, Belt Buckle