morris 811: way too much harrier
sjcaufwy51: Lighthouse Point Park, New Haven CT
morris 811: life in the fast lane
drdavis586: Early Morning Stretch
robj_1971: 827402250004_4A
sjcaufwy51: Sutton Falls, Sutton Massachusetts
sjcaufwy51: Frenchman's Bay Sunrise, Acadia NP
sjcaufwy51: Providence!
Brian Chiaravalle: Self-Portrait
drdavis586: Early Morning Swim
print57: Martha's Vineyard, looking out to the ocean, 2022
drdavis586: Hauling Freight
roobrew: Rural
LEXPIX_: Its that time of year again
robj_1971: 827402270024_24A
J.Baker Photographies: "Intergalactic Traveler"
dcastelli9574: Portland Drive In
Stabbur's Master: 1984 Camden, Maine
R. Braley: Long Trail & Route 17, Buels, Starksboro, VT
jtr27: Wintry Day on the Baldpates
drdavis586: Successful Catch
drdavis586: Sandpipers
Worcester Photography: By Elijah Johnson
Bud in Biddeford, Maine: Happy Bench Monday!
morris 811: not even trying to blend in