dave8408e: A long cold sleep. Mayo, Ireland
Jetcraftsofa: Demeter's woe
Dr John2005: Prêt-à-Porter à Deux
makleen81: Sophie Rampp Schwitzer (1889-1935)
Werner Ustorf: Waiting. A photographic sketch-book (2)
Jetcraftsofa: Dreary winter
Cemetery Boundary: Unique Tomb
Cemetery Boundary: Grieving
Joanbrebo: Març_0066n
Joanbrebo: Novembre_110303
Geoff Piltz: When I sleep my fears emerge.
Dr John2005: Anthropology #5
Etching Stone: the jumping soul whale in a fool moon night
Agreen44: prediction_covers-1
dave8408e: Was outraged until I realised they're painting in the letters prior to cleaning._
dave8408e: Out of the darkness and into the light. Co. Mayo, Ireland_
Dr John2005: Anthropology #4
perki88: Withered
BradKellyPhoto: White vinyl sideman
photograph61: the old ghost
dollerosa: Rory Gallagher - 1974
Darek Drapala: shade of history
carlos_ar2000: La selfie
carlos_ar2000: Tertulia
carlos_ar2000: Memories
carlos_ar2000: Watercolor
gh0stdot: but at last I spied an ancient angel
gh0stdot: with hideous cry, and clattering wings, the hungry harpies fly (I)
artist.piet: cyanotype005