Lindsay Cooke: White-faced-Heron_DSF0345
Lindsay Cooke: Freckled-Duck_DSF0197
Lindsay Cooke: Freckled-Duck-2_DSF0203
Lindsay Cooke: Pied-Cormorant_DSF0305
rod1691: O'Side Pier 41-3-21-19
Vince Montalbano (autofocus): Let's Reflect Back To Fifty Five
maggiolonegiallo: People 153
creepingvinesimages: Wagon Wheel Bench
rod1691: Sunset Storm 8-2-5-19
maggiolonegiallo: People 144
warwickivory: Kingscliff Beach, NSW at Sunset
rod1691: Carlsbad Village 16-4-3-19
Lindsay Cooke: White-faced-Heron_DSF0180
Lindsay Cooke: Great Egret_DSF0135
sebring_ca: 7D2_39292
Kofla Olivieri: Governors Island Behind The Scenes B&W
Kofla Olivieri: Platypod Ultra Governors Island
Photos By Vic: Barrels
rod1691: Sunrise Rainday 27-3-6-19
Photos By Vic: '49 Ford Truck
Photos By Vic: '52 Chevy Truck
Photos By Vic: '55 Chevy Truck
Lindsay Cooke: Hoary-headed-Grebe-2_DSF0045
Lindsay Cooke: Australasian Grebe_DSF0025
arnies photos: Stretch With A Ribbon