BarryFackler: scorpio
PerAnd1: Asian Barred Owlet In Kaeng Krachan National Park - Thailand
Rosemary Komori: Eastern Screech Owl
marensr: Eastern Cottontail
Dionepsoc: Camouflage
geelog: Northern Pygmy Owl - back
Hans & Liek: Shieldbug
mcnod: Morning-glory Prominent Caterpillar
fotosynthesys: California Valley Coyote (Canis latrans ochropus) DSD_6726
Greg James Wade: Mr. Camouflage
Greg James Wade: A Halimeda ghost-pipefish floats nearly motionless against a background that makes it almost impossible to see. Smallest of the ghost-pipefishes (up to 6.5 cm), this is the first one I find by myself.
Greg James Wade: Brilliant camouflage of a pebbled sea star, Friwen wall. (warty sea star, or echinaster callosus)
Greg James Wade: Denise's pygmy seahorse (Hippocampus Denise) is tiny, growing to a length of only 1.5 cm. Discovered on a sea fan in New Caledonia 1969, there are currently 8 types of pygmy seahorses known.
Greg James Wade: Chameleon closeup
Greg James Wade: It's always wise to keep one eye up, lest the hunter become the hunted.
Greg James Wade: Hunting nets multiple grasshoppers. Lightning tongue, into the jaws of death! How this little chameleon fit four grasshoppers and two small beetles into its stomach without bulge I do not know.
Greg James Wade: chameleon portrait
Greg James Wade: Finding a flap-necked chameleon on the hunt, dressed in military camouflage. It climbs my leg to say hello.
Greg James Wade: Cruisin' in Kruger! Hanging out with my chameleon friend in Kruger National Park. Drinking beers and barbecuing beetles. Good times!
Greg James Wade: A soft-nosed chameleon, female, with distinctive green nose. The males are all brown.
Greg James Wade: The unique head and facial structure of a Giant East Usambara 2-horned chameleon.
Greg James Wade: Giant East Usambara 2-horn, this type of species the females do have horns.
Greg James Wade: Two three-horned chameleons, in the background is a juvenile, in front an adult.
Greg James Wade: A type of Jackson's 3-horned chameleon, usually found in mountain forests, also makes its home in the wooded suburbs of Nairobi city. I find it in the garden of my hostel.
Greg James Wade: Certain chameleons appear to inhabit only certain areas of mountain forest. We hike 10 km one day to find this male of species Vosseler's 2-horned chameleon. More pronounced spikes along its back, it has a colorful body pattern.
Greg James Wade: A very cool Giant 3-horned chameleon, the only adult male I find during my stay in the mountains. Endemic to Tanzania, they grow 30 to 40 cm in length.
Greg James Wade: Face and head of a Giant 1-horn.
Greg James Wade: A Giant 3-horned chameleon. I find him by myself on a night walk and photograph him the following day.
Greg James Wade: Largest chameleon on mainland Africa is the Giant 1-horn, or Meller's chameleon. This species typically reaches 60 cm (24 inches) in length.
Greg James Wade: A beauty, the Giant East Usambara 2-horned male. He resides in a tree overlooking villagers.