Kenneth Vetter: Winterland Jämtland Sweden
Kenneth Vetter: Sunny Tree
Vivpafpoef: Fresh air NYC
Vivpafpoef: Cloudy impact
雨完玩人: 2019/11/18/M
雨完玩人: 2019/11/10/SU
AreKev: Black Nore Point
photocafe: Above Kamloops
Vivpafpoef: Shadows and reflections - Frank Gehry
雨完玩人: 2019/11/9/SA
Wild Country Photos: Double Feature Monday
Janet Lake: November Sunset
Eirexas: Lighthouse Transit
_dreamseller_: Sunset / view from Kleine Scheidegg, Switzerland
Vivpafpoef: Reflection
雨完玩人: 2019/11/10/SU
Wild Country Photos: Sunset Over Sheramn
José Rambaud: Sunset, Calbuco Volcano
José Rambaud: Sunset, Calbuco Volcano
雨完玩人: 2019/11/9/SA
Merrillie: Soft and Gentle Sunrise over the Bay
Merrillie: Blue Skies Sunrise Seascape
Trevdog67: Sunrise after 1st snow storm
Merrillie: Sun Flare Seascape with Low Cloud Bank from Rocky Inlet
Kti.Marquant: Dream....
Kti.Marquant: Reflet d'Automne....
Merrillie: Sun Rising over the Headland
雨完玩人: 2019/11/2/SA
Vivpafpoef: Bovensteonder
Vivpafpoef: Indian summer