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Toby Garden: Sounds of the Patagonia - Mar 25, 2018 -P1420682
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gus guthrie1: young chamois playing in the snow in the picos de europas, spain
Norway/Norge/Norwegen: Haverdalen/Norway
Norway/Norge/Norwegen: Bjørkefink (Bird/Vogel)
Norway/Norge/Norwegen: Rondanevegen/Norway
moonjazz: Skogafoss Waterfall
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Norway/Norge/Norwegen: Flaggspett / Full lenght....LINK
Norway/Norge/Norwegen: Norges Natur / Norway`s nature Nr. 01....FULL lenght 5 minutes...LINK:
Norway/Norge/Norwegen: 02. Bullfinch/Dompap/Gimpel
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wayne24185071: Barn Owl ... look at the weather.
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Nelson Wong Wildlife: Bird's in-built image stabilizer (Daurian Redstart)
Nelson Wong Wildlife: Scaly-breasted Munia feeding juveniles