cmfritz: Anemone
afagen: Holding on to momma
afagen: King's Palace Cafe
afagen: RCA TV
afagen: George Wythe House
afagen: Peach to pick
material guy: common goldeneye (f)
Darrell Godliman: UK - London - Battersea - Light Festival - Neighbourhood_5008194
Analog Berliner: Hochnebel - Humboldt-Brücke Potsdam
Analog Berliner: Potsdam - Blick auf die Havel Raw power
duncan cumming: Keen + LovePusher graffiti, Stockwell
duncan cumming: Inkie graffiti, Trellick Tower
duncan cumming: Raver graffiti, Dublin
duncan cumming: Edinburgh graffiti
duncan cumming: Petaluma
Pak T: Train in Vancouver
francis_erevan: Notre-Dame de l'Assomption
Bri_J: Westland Lynx
Pak T: In Yaletown
Bracus Triticum: Canada Day 2022 #1 Instant Human
hedera.baltica: House sparrow
Brooklyn Bridge Stickers: NJ Transit 4109 CNJ painted locomotive at Hoboken
Pak T: 052402-14.43.45
Photos By JM: Going Down
hansn (7+ Million Views): Old Bricks & Balconies
Gene Ellison: Ice Falling From Leaf(1)
Gene Ellison: Wrapped in Ice
Floating on Air: Gloves After Cleaning the Gutter