mirsavio: The frame
Drummerdelight: No animals today
Drummerdelight: I 'll be back and get the focus right
mirsavio: Couple
Drummerdelight: Endless grass
Dru!: Morning Tule
mirsavio: Bikers
Drummerdelight: Trough the trees
Drummerdelight: Playing hard to get with me
mirsavio: Misty world
mirsavio: Trees in the mist
dbndixie: Water Lilly
mirsavio: Trees in the mist
birdsetcetera: Misty Morning
Martine Lambrechts: Misty Morning
Alexis Rangaux: Arête de Gryon - Tour de l'argentine - Suisse
Martine Lambrechts: Sunrise with Misty
Jill I.: Misty layers
mirsavio: The hills
Drummerdelight: Here's looking @ me
Drummerdelight: Here's looking @ me
mirsavio: Early birds
Jill I.: Misty morning in the countryside