Zoom Lens: Progression
Zoom Lens: 4thPrecursor
Zoom Lens: Flame-made Abstract Wick Art
Zoom Lens: EarthshinePine1-13-2018
Zoom Lens: Whistling in the Dark
Zoom Lens: Faded Rose
Zoom Lens: Tree wishing upon the Stars
Zoom Lens: FREEDOM --- to the tune of 113,196 miles...
Zoom Lens: Melissa and I in old cemetery with Old Glory
MarkNewmanPhotography: Skull on Walkhampton Common, Dartmoor
NC Mountain Man: Tail Reflector
Frau Koriander: sunflower field II
ALXPhotog: DSCF1977
NC Mountain Man: Roof Shingle Macro
Bobe Mihai: Wedding Rings
Frau Koriander: sunflower field
Tigs.photos: Terrapin in Southwark Park
Vasiman: ZEISS Pancolar bokeh
Vasiman: Mechanics by ZEISS Pancolar
Zoom Lens: Dragon
Zoom Lens: Dragon Smile
kymarto: _DSC8650
ALXPhotog: Lead me to the rock
NC Mountain Man: Ready to Harvest
Zoom Lens: Dragonwhiskers
ALXPhotog: DSCF1858
ALXPhotog: DSCF1853
NC Mountain Man: Cherokee Brave Dogwood 2012
ALXPhotog: DSCF1760
NC Mountain Man: Field of Flowers