jomak14: People & Shadows
Brendinni: Reflection of an early winter.
Brendinni: Salt and Pepper.
#mimesi: Street mood
Zainab Zahra: Silhouette Sky
Zainab Zahra: birds silhouette
rotraud_71: Flood and ice at the playground
jomak14: Wade Lagoon
#mimesi: Fata morgana
rotraud_71: Late autumn in the small lake -
#mimesi: Figurina
#mimesi: Work in progress
Klein Hansjoerg: Agapanthe by night
Brendinni: A photographer's silhouette.
rotraud_71: Ducks at the Danube Park
simondashnash: IMG3555
navyysum: DSC_2733.jpg
Gate Gustafson: The typewriter's ball
jomak14: Puddle Reflection
jomak14: Tall Shadows
Brendinni: Reflections of a PNW morning.
Brendinni: As I am as much a part of nature, as nature is a part of me.
smail255: KU4A0158-Edit-Edit